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His early education was at the German Catholic school in Lomé, [3] which his uncle Octaviano had built for the Society for the Divine Word . [4] Following that, he began study at the London School of Economics, [3] where he studied economics under Harold Laski . [5] Upon graduation, he worked for Unilever first in Nigeria and then in the Gold Coast. By 1929, he was located to be the head of Unilever operations in Togoland. [6] In 1938, he remained in Lomé, but was promoted to become the general manager of the United Africa Company 's, then part of Unilever, operations throughout Africa. [7] [6]

Sékou - Coup D'ÉtatSékou - Coup D'ÉtatSékou - Coup D'ÉtatSékou - Coup D'État