2replay - game over - 2 Replay - Game Over (Club Mix)

As a non-video game example, consider the difference between a "traditional" book and a Choose Your Own Adventure book. For a traditional book the reader will read it from start to finish, and should they choose to re-read it the plot would remain constant, thus offering the same experience the second time around. The plot of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, on the other hand, is more varied and different events would occur, some that the reader might not have seen the last time they read it, prompting the reader to read through the book again even if they have done so just moments before.

I know most of the ink B-front  is getting is about the loot boxes but it should be noted they actually put together a pretty solid FPS campaign mode. I’ve mentioned it before but gamers are starting to allow companies too much leeway in what’s worth their money. A purely multiplayer game cannot be worth $90, it simply can’t, if the game is unplayable without an internet connection you better be paying for my internet. Yes, Overwatch is a solid game, it won Game of The Year Awards but really multiplayer should only ever be used as part of a game’s appeal.

2 Replay - Game Over2 Replay - Game Over2 Replay - Game Over2 Replay - Game Over